The Splendor Within

Yoga is both the journey and the destination. Yoga is an invitation to experience the Splendor within. Yoga is a deeper understanding of what was previously unattainable. Yoga is a way of living. Yoga is a union of thoughts, words, and deeds.

Yoga is the discovery of all the facets of the Self, how they work and behave, and their harmonious integration. Yoga is also the discovery of the nature of all the aspects of life and living; it is the Journey of how to live this life well with happiness. Initially, happiness and harmony appears to be external; fortunately they are within.

As we deepen our practice wonderful transformations around us occur. We widen our own previous boundaries and discover new powers and abundant possibilities to express ourselves. We experience more appreciation of what we have and less disappointment of what we don't. We enjoy, laugh, and become fuller persons.

Real Self-realization is when one frees the mind and recognizes what is truly important and matters - love, beauty, and inner peace. This is the Splendor Within to be revealed on this journey.

Aum Shanti,